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Firm Characteristics

Firm Characteristics

The partnership and the relationship with our clients:

The firm is formed by patent attorneys and agents with sufficient experiences, and
Each of the attorneys and agents responds to their client’s (customer’s) request individually. The agent in our firm has published a book describing in detail about U.S. Patent application procedure in Japan, and he is familiar with clients in Japan.

The innovative patent services and solutions

We provide our high quality skills for patent applications with assistance of intellectual property management and the most advanced technology and for translation of Japanese so that “The innovative and cost-effective service” can be provided to satisfy our client’s needs.

Our excellent attorneys and agents with intensive training:

Our attorneys and patent agents engaged in practice of intellectual property right are graduates of Universities and law schools, such as Franklin Pierce Law Center, George Washington University, George Mason School of Law, George Town University and the like. We have excellent human resources who graduated from those schools. Also, the attorneys and agents implement training to new patent professionals to keep a high quality of our service.

Corporate patent attorney

Our firm has a close relation with patent attorneys of Hauptman Ham, LLP (http://www.ipfirm.com), as a counsel. In Hauptman Ham, LLP, each patent professional staff has an independent practice with his special potential. We work together with them to provide our patent services to our clients.

Promotion of intellectual property education for our clients

Our attorneys and patent agents have huge experiences in coordinating and providing lectures at intellectual property seminars in the United States and worldwide, and many patent attorneys, managers from foreign companies and law firms attend to the seminars. Also, our firm accepts interns from foreign patent companies and law offices regularly, and we have experiences in assisting them to learn basic and skilled knowledge for U.S. intellectual property laws and U.S. patent practices.

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