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Manabu Kanesaka

Manabu Kanesaka

Graduated from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
-1972 Started his career in a patent field as a patent professional in Tokyo, Japan
Engaged in prosecutions for Japanese patent applications from overseas

-1979-1989 Belonged to a patent law firm in New York.
Engaged in patent applications and prosecutions

-1984 Officially-approved as a U.S. patent agent
Established a patent agency “Kanesaka and Takeuchi” in Virginia, U.S.A.

-1991 Published a book “Handbook for U.S. Patent Application” in Japan

-2004, May Established “Kanesaka Berner and Partners, Patent Agents, LLP”

Mr. Kanesaka specializes in mechanical field, but also chemical and electric fields are acceptable as he is skilled at those fields. He has working experiences in many years in patent prosecutions in the United States, and essentially knows the differences between practices in Japan and the United States. He assists clients for obtaining patent properties in the United States while making use of his experiences. Also, he handles European patent applications as well. Therefore, it is possible to apply all applications for U.S and Europe at the same time.
Furthermore, he provides many lectures and workshops in Japan and explains clearly about U.S. patent practice to Japanese patent attorneys and patent managers. He is fluent in Japanese and English, and is able to communicate closely to his clients in Japan and English-speaking countries.

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